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Liberty Spring Print, Luxe, Face Coverings.


These hand-crafted masks will become your new plus one!

If we have to wear these things, we may as well look pretty and these are the prettiest and MOST COMFORTABLE masks you deserve to wear.

Here's why you will love them:

*these are made in authentic Liberty London 100% cotton.

* perfect for glasses wearers (see 80 year old customer in the images below).

*they are made with 4 layers of fabric (the medical recommendations).

*100% quality cotton means your skin can still breathe. You won't get mask acne/bad skin with these on.

* they stay up; they don't slip off the face (because of the inner flaps which go over the nose and over the chin), and you can speak perfectly with them on without the need to keep taking them off.

*one size fits all adults.

* they wash perfectly in 40˚C heat and retain their shape.

*ALL revenue goes back to the charities I support which you can read more about here

There are 2 types of Liberty cottons used:

i) Liberty quilting cotton is 100% cotton, but much sturdier/stiffer than cotton used for apparel/dressmaking. The designs that are quilting cotton are indicated with a QC in the drop-down menu descriptions.

ii) Liberty Lawn is also 100% cotton, but the weave is slightly different. It is a tighter weave with a finer thread,  so it has a much softer, buttery, silky feel. It feels very much like silk to the touch. The designs that are Liberty Lawn are illustrated with a LL in the drop-down menu descriptions. 

Please allow 3-5 days before item is shipped to you.



Mask chains listed separately 



Liberty Spring Print, Luxe, Face Coverings.