Hammered Hoops With Healing Gemstones


ELLA: Gold Vermeil, Hammered Hoops With Healing Gemstones



ELLA: Gold Vermeil, Hammered Hoops With Healing Gemstones


Bright and lovely gemstone hoops with healing properties. These couldn't be sweeter. Sumptuous color and craftmanship.

These are gorgeous hammered hoops that have a crystal healing stone balanced on the inside. These look really stunning on.They are brass hoops with 24 kt gold vermeil. All ear posts are silver. They are 5cm in diameter (approximately 2").

Stones available are:

BLUE HOWLITE: A soothing stone that is great for reducing anxiety and stress

TURQUOISE HOWLITE: A stone for calming the nerves and stabilising mood swings.Good to wear when having to make an important decision

CARNELIAN: A stone that increases ambition,drive and confidence.

JADE: A protective stone said to protect the wearer from harm and to attract good luck and friendship

BLACK ONYX: A stone for alleviating worries and fears. Also said to promote stamina and vigor

TIGERS EYE: A grounding and uplifting stone promoting a positive attitude

HEMALYKE: A man-made stone which looks similar to Hematite (a gun-metal grey stone). As this is a man-made stone it would not have the same spiritual properties as Hematite.

These are made to order so please allow at least 14 days before it is shipped to you.

Just select which stone you want from the drop-down menu.




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