Giving Back
Giving Back

OK, now chocolate cake and cellulite aside (if you don't know what I'm talking about you need to read my About page), the thing that makes me squeal like an excited little piglet is being in a position to give back.


Trust me I am no saint. I can "cuss" like a sailor (but usually in the privacy of my bathroom or car) and have also been known to pop a sweet treat in my mouth whilst at the Pick & Mix stand (all in the name of quality control you understand).


However,I had a fabulous upbringing and education and so giving back was something that was automatically ingrained into me. I remember when I was a child and I bombarded with gifts at Christmas  or  Easter eggs at Easter, my Mum made us choose our 3 favourite gifts and the rest we would deliver to a local children's home. That lesson has stayed with me all my life. So giving back has always been part of my business plan. 

I now give a percentage of all my business profits and personal funds to KIVA and to Pencils of Promise (my new great love).


KIVA is an organisation that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs in Third World countries or in remote areas of the globe. I specifically try and help female entrepreneurs and amongst others have helped women in Africa, South America (Bolivia) and Mongolia.




Pencils of Promise is an organisation founded by Adam Braun who believed that every child should have access to quality education, and so set about building schools and creating programmes around the common goal for "education for all".

Just check out this quick little video. It explains everything better than I ever could: