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Giving Back

OK, aside from sparkles and beautiful pieces the thing that makes me squeal like an excited little piglet is being in a position to give back.

 Trust me I am no saint. I can "cuss" like a sailor (but usually in the privacy of my bathroom or car) and have also been known to pop a sweet treat in my mouth whilst at the Pick & Mix stand (all in the name of quality control you understand).

 However,I had a fabulous upbringing and education and so giving back was something that was automatically ingrained into me. I saw my parents sponsoring the education of children in places like Nepal and I knew that giving back was important.

 I now give a percentage of all my business profits to both Pencils of Promise and also Smile Train.

So no matter how much or little you spend in my boutique, you WILL be making a difference to children in places where education and a beautiful smile is not a given, but more a privilege.

So thank you!