Giving Back

OK, aside from sparkles and beautiful pieces the thing that makes me squeal like an excited little piglet is being in a position to give back.

 Trust me I am no saint. I can "cuss" like a sailor (but usually in the privacy of my bathroom or car) and have also been known to pop a sweet treat in my mouth whilst at the Pick & Mix stand (all in the name of quality control you understand).

 However,I had a fabulous upbringing and education and so giving back was something that was automatically ingrained into me. I saw my parents sponsoring the education of children in places like Nepal and I knew that giving back was important.

 I now give a percentage of all my business profits to Pencils of Promise. So no matter how much or little you spend in my boutique, you WILL be making a difference to children in places where education is not an automatic right, but more a privilege.


Just check out this quick little video. It explains everything better than I ever could: