Coretta Van Wijk
Coretta Van Wijk

Coretta van Wijk graduated from The Design Academy in The Netherlands in 1997. Through her background in product and furniture design she has expanded has passion for craft and detail as a jewellery artist.
Coretta explores to find the ultimate possibility of the material she works with and seeks for what emerges in this process.

Her unique crafted pieces are objects of beauty and functionality.

The 'bubble' range is an attraction to the eye. Original contemporary jewellery as a work of art. This range was inspired by ‘dessert roses’; the unique formations of bubble clusters discovered on a trip in the Sinai. dessert. She wanted to re-create the principle of the unique beauty of these formations, but combine this with the movement of each bead so that it creates playfulness with the wearer.

Unique crafted pieces of jewellery are objects of beauty and functionality; each individual item is a piece of art.