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Claire de Bezenac.

All the show-stopping, luxurious, minimalist statement jewellery that is created in wood and metals is created by French designer Claire de Bezenac.

Her pieces are bold, stylish, elegant, tactile, high quality, and sustainably hand made.

Each piece is inspired by strong, confident individuals who love to express themselves through their fashion choices.

After looking for high-end natural wooden jewellery and finding nothing, Claire started designing her own pieces, integrating her love for bold contemporary design and sustainable production. The result was a unique approach to jewellery creation and the birth of a distinctive concept.

Every piece is individually handcrafted in the UK by expert wood turners and jewellers, combining responsibly sourced wood, with sterling silver. The process takes time and precision but it is what makes the jewellery stand out.

Recently featured in L’Officiel and London Fashion Week.