About Luxuria
Luxuria was created to bring a little colour, design and Riviera-chic 
to a woman's day. 
It's about beautiful jewellery that can be worn daily and not stored in a jewellery box for a special occasion; every day is a special occasion.
 It was created to offer my clients the finest in affordable, made-to-order
contemporary statement pieces at the best possible price.It's not about purchasing in the quickest possible way. We are not Amazon.
It's about savouring the whole made-to-order/custom orders process.
 It is a boutique inspired by a woman, created by a woman, FOR women who buy for women.


Therefore when you order from Luxuria you are ordering a unique piece of jewellery with just 1 click. No shop. No mass productions.

 In my quest for the best statement pieces, I bring
you the most beautiful and original designs.




I think I can safely blame my Mum for my love of jewellery.

She didn't have hugely expensive pieces; they were an eclectic mix which I was always allowed to play with (and I still have that jewellery box). 

My Mum died relatively young (at only 49) and it was only then as I went through her jewellery box that the emotions each of her pieces evoked took hold. It was only then that I appreciated just how much emotion and how many memories are connected to the jewellery we have.

I then designed my own wedding ring (much to my Husbands confusion I didn't want an engagement ring, but instead incorporated diamonds in my wedding band. I knew I would never wear an engagement ring daily).

A childhood spent travelling all over the world from UK Winters in South Africa to Summers all over the Med, evoked my love of colour.

 As a 30-something adult I gave up life as a Criminal Psychologist to go and live in the Mediterranean for 13 years which is what really ignited my dream of bringing a little design, colour and Riviera-chicness to women.

 I wanted to accessorise the way women do in the Med; one bold colourful, statement piece was usually all it took. They were not afraid to wear beautiful pieces every day; to the beach or the the local food market, they adorned themselves.

 Consequently, I wanted to buy/create pieces which I would be just as comfortable wearing to the beach, to work or for Sunday morning brunch with friends. I also knew many women who wanted the same.

 I wanted pieces that would make me want to dance in the mirror every time I put them on.

 I wanted to "give-back".

(I give a % of all my profits to Pencils of Promise)
Trust me I am no saint. I can cuss like a sailor if I have
to (and usually in the privacy of my bathroom) and have been known to sneak a sweet from the Pick & Mix.
But I am eternally grateful for the life/education my parents gave me
and  consequently I believe every child should have the right to an
education. Therefore giving back was always baked into my business plan.
And so a dream was ignited.
Abridged Version: a lover of jewellery via DNA, a boutique owner by accident (and a lot of Hail Mary's) and a creative by choice.