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About Me
Who Am I?
It all started with a dream. A burnt out, disillusioned Criminal Psychologist, living in the Mediterranean who decided to swap the "bad boys" for beautiful things. And so the dream was ignited
I was inspired to bring gorgeous, contemporary, Riviera-inspired statement pieces to my audience (as I saw being worn all over the new country I was now living in). After buying numerous pieces for myself and having visiting friends and family literally wrench them off my fingers never to be seen again (the pieces, not the friends),  I realised I might be onto something.
 My  Principle Mission :
My aim is to bring a little colour, design, luxury and Rivieria-chicness to a woman's day. There are many of us that dream of a lobster lunch at Club 55,  drinking Lemoncello under the stars and lemon groves of Ristorante Paolinino in Capri, or just taking in the views from Hotel de Cap-Eden Roc. I am sure this is on many bucket lists.  Here's the thing, I have done it and with what I learned
about accessorising and sparkles (following 13 years of living in the Med) have tried to bring all that 'Riviera-chicness' to my boutique.

When I am not knee deep in sparkles, you can find me:

 running on grit, chocolate cake and "Hail Marys!"

*cooking up a storm for no-one in particular

(I did some classes at the Cordon Bleu school in London),

*knee deep in books; usually anything related to behavioural psychology, neuroscience, cooking books and business books (my poor Husband is always saying there is not enough room in our house for him AND the books. But he knows better than to make me choose ;-) 

*watching my favourite TV series (which usually includes anything by Shonda Rhimes, except when she killed off Greys Anatomy's Dr Shepherd aka McDreamy. I didn't forgive her for a few weeks after that; she left me quite traumatised).

*indulging in Swiss chocolate or anything ice-cream related whilst all the while professing to start my healthy eating plan next Monday ;-) 


 Some things that might surprise you about me:
* I was invited to be on Dragons Den
(Shark Tank in the US) but I politely declined.
You can read more about why I declined here
* Featured in ELLE magazine less than 1 year after
starting my business
*one of my favourite programmes on TV is
'Ice Road Truckers' (don't ask, I just love it!)
*I have a cat and a nun terror/phobia  (not sure how that happened
to a good Catholic girl)
*I never walk on grass ........just can't do it.