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How does a trained Criminal Psychologist end up with a jewellery boutique?

A childhood spent travelling all over the world from UK Winters in South Africa to Summers all over the Med, evoked my love of colour.

As a 30-something adult I gave up corporate life (and so did my Husband) to go and live in the Mediterranean for 15 years, which is what really ignited my dream of bringing a little design, colour and Riviera-chicness to women.


Literally!!!  You see my great-Grandmother (a Gemologist) was one of the first women to be allowed down into the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa on the Western Cape, to see how the diamonds were being mined.

The Kimberley mines later became part of the famous De Beers conglomerate.

Much later on my Mum inspired me with her eclectic mix of jewels which she always allowed me to play dress up with.

My Mum died relatively young (at only 49) and it was only then as I went through her jewellery box that the emotions each of her pieces evoked took hold. It was only then that I appreciated just how much emotion and how many memories are connected to the jewellery we have.


After living in the Med for 10+ years I decided I wanted to create beautiful jewellery that can be worn daily and not saved for a special occasion.

I was on a quest to source the best contemporary, statement pieces; beautiful, original, hand-crafted designs that will later evoke memories for the wearer, and may even be passed on.

I wanted pieces that women could afford to buy for themselves (when they wanted to splurge on more than just a lipstick).

It was never about purchasing in the quickest possible way, but savouring the whole “made-for-you” process

I wanted a boutique inspired by women, with pieces designed and created by women FOR women who want to buy for themselves.

So I hope my very small business will bring a little colour. design and joy to your everyday with pieces you will love and cherish now, in the future......and forever.


Finally I wanted to give back.

Trust me I am no saint. I can cuss like a sailor if I have

to (and usually in the privacy of my bathroom) and have been known to sneak a sweet from the Pick & Mix (in the name of quality control you understand).

But I am eternally grateful for the education I had, and

I truly believe every child should have the right to an


So a percentage of all our profits go to Pencils of Promise - a non-profit which builds schools and provides education for children around the world, and Smile Train  another nonprofit organisation and charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates.Smile Train provides free corrective cleft surgery in 87 countries, training local doctors and providing hospital funding for the procedures.