Luxuria Jewellery Boutique makes it possible for you to feel the distant summer sun and discover what Mediterranean women have known for centuries, that when it comes to putting together a statement outfit, the quintessential key is using the right accessories to enhance their style.
Earrings are always a must whether it be simple classic hoops or something more elaborate and colourful.

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Available in silver, gold and various gemstones, these necklaces will lift any outfit. We offer a collection of necklaces that are designed for the modern and contemporary woman. Each piece of ours is exclusive and unique, and would make you stand out from the crowd, exuding Riviera-chic  wherever you go.
We know that it just takes one fabulous cocktail ring to finish an outfit. Statement rings are the way to get noticed or dress up an outfit. Our statement cocktail rings will always turn heads because they are unique, bold and bespoke. So you are not going to go to an event and see someone else wearing the same piece as you (and that’s important for us ladies). Our rings are eye-catching, classy and in some cases dramatic.
All pieces that can be stacked.

Stunning pieces made in gold-plated and silver made to look like gorgeous pieces of woodland branches and twigs.

Grown up boho at it's best!