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You've Lost Your Way!

This is what my Business Coach said to me this week, as she sighed whilst looking at my blog. You see my blog was supposed to be an extension of my business, with posts all about jewellery, my pieces etc. It was supposed to be a marketing vehicle.

Instead my blog has become a portal for my spontaneous ramblings; it's become a "love fest" towards all the wonderful friends I've made (which has proved far more valuable to me). Let me tell you, Coach was not impressed.

"It has no direction", she sighed as we had this conversation this week.
"But this is who I AM" I tried to explain to her.
"Even your pictures are sometimes so random", she said clearly exasperated.

Autumn"randomness" from Pinterest (Barbara Lowe)

I want my blog to be an extension of me, my thoughts, my opinions, my mad ramblings etc. I don't want to use my blog as sales pitch. I hate having products rammed down my throat, so I won't do it to my loyal followers either. Apart from my Giveaways or when a new designer comes on board, I don't blog about my business; it's how I like it.I prefer my followers get a feel for who I am; what I sell is secondary.Also my blog is an escape from my business (altho' I didn't say this to Coach ;-)

Coach was not impressed. In fact she was positively peeved.

More Autumn "randomness"-Pinterest (PaulaHamilton)

So I decided to meet her half way and ask my lovely readers what you think.

* Should I do more posts related to jewellery (I'm really not sure I would have enough to say to do a post at least once a week!)

* Do you find my blog a complete mish-mash with no direction?

* What would you like to see more or less of?

* What posts don't you like?

I guess I should have put this in a survey, but I'm hoping you will feel free to be as brutal as you wish (honestly, all comments good or bad are welcome). Anonymous comments are also welcome ;-)

Thank you so much lovelies xx