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You Lucky Devil!!!!

I would like to pose the question does luck play a part in business? If it does, is it possible to increase your luck?

How often have we heard entrepreneurs stand up and take complete credit for their success? Is it possible that there is always an element of chance in business, and therefore there is always an element of luck?It could be luck of timing, the luck of someone elses mistake or a multitude of other so-called coincidences.

Or is luck nothing more than getting a return on all that intangible work you have put in? Perhaps luck is about ensuring that even the smallest stone does not go unturned.

Or perhaps luck is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy? i.e. if you believe you are a lucky person or that you always get lucky breaks, it may well change your behavior, your level of confidence and your psychology, which in turn may actually make you luckier. Therefore you seize opportunities that may once have appeared too risky. Whereas if you “ feel” unlucky you probably won’t seize the opportunities or pursue things.

I would like to believe it’s the latter; that believing in luck is a self-fulfilling prophecy and is about recognizing opportunities when they arise. But it’s very possible I am wrong.

What’s your view on the part luck has played in your success?