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World Book Day + Why I'm Giving Up These……...

OK, so those of you that have been following my blog for some time 
know I am a real book worm. Actually I think I like books more
than people…….well some people at least ;-)

via Modern Mrs Darcy/Pinterest

But here's the problem.
I have more than 70+ BRAND NEW, unread
books that I have bought over the last couple of
years that I have not even cracked open (this is
not including coffee table books and cookery books!)

So what's gone wrong?

Well I blame my Kindle.
Yes you read that right. I am
"uncoupling" from my Kindle (Gwennie Paltrow
would be SO proud of me ;-)

Here's why:

*EBooks are not in your face:
That's right. They don't occupy physical space
calling out to you every time you walk past them
and ignore them. A physical book calls out to
you every time you pass it (or is it just me and should
I see my doctor about this?)

*Physical books are sensory:
Well for me at least. 
Who doesn't love to caress and smell a brand
new book?  How the pages feel. How they turn.
They all affect my reading experience.

*EBooks never stay in my memory
Research has proved that scrolling and swiping
actually dislodges data from our short-term
memory and trust me I don't need more of
this happening.

* E-books= less retention. I know this is
definitely true for me. But again the research
seems to back this up. Comprehension 
assumes you plot the story or argument in your mind. 
The digital format does work against this.
Test it out. See if this is true for you also.
I certainly find my mind wonders much more
when I am reading something in it's digital format.

* E-books feels too much like online reading,
which for me is a form of scanning rather than reading
and "savouring".

* The biggie for me is that there isn't a sense of achievement
when you finish a book. I am not the fastest reader, so when
I finish a physical book there is a real sense of achievement.
When I finish an e-book I don't have that same 
sense of achievement. Seeing a finished physical book 
usually stirs the emotions that came with reading that book 
whether that be the story line or just finishing it. 
I don't get that from an e-book as once
it's finished it just slips down my Kindle library never to be
seen again (unless I consciously go looking for it).

So for me 2016 is about a trial separation from my
Kindle reader and sticking with physical books.
Maybe I will do an update in December to let you
know how well, or not, this went ;-)

Would love to hear your views.