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WInter Wishes

Firstly Happy New Year Lovelies.
I am a bit late to the party, but then I 
usually am.

So it's 2016, the festivities are over, and
all I seem to hear around me are people bemoaning
the fact that it's getting colder and colder (here in Europe)
after a very unusually mild December.

But here's the thing-I LOVE Winter.
It's supposed to be cold in January, isn't it?
Having lived in the Med for 14+ years 
where there never seemed to be any distinct 
seasons, I now love Winter.

I just love and wish for you also:

*wearing coats and layers (which
hide a multitude of sins underneath)

Rings and earrings here and here

*weekend lockdowns, when you can
refuse to go anywhere or see anyone and 
it's deemed perfectly acceptable

*cold, frosty walks that really rattle your bones
but make you feel so alive

*piles of crisp, new books

*atmospheric skies that look a tropical 
blue one minute and like Armageddon the

*the luxe of cashmere and cosy

Rings here

*simplicity on all levels

*first footsteps in freshly fallen snow

*walking in the rain

*receiving and writing thank you notes

*roaring fireplaces

*watching rain batter the window from
the safety of your own snug home

*the perfect hot drink at just the right time

But most of all I wish for you the
final realisation that……….