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Why "Pink-tober" Makes Me So Angry + Sad

October and pink needs no explanation really.

If you are a new follower, you may
wish to read here how I've been touched by
breast cancer, and why I controversially
believe we will NEVER make progress with
breast cancer research.

In the 20+ years since I lost my
Mum, there hasn't really been any progress
in research. I have my reasons for this
very clear having worked for
the Medical Research Council (London) for 
many years.

And then the penny dropped.
From that day forward I stopped contributing
to cancer research charities (which I was a huge
advocate of before).

Twenty plus years on and we are still fighting the

disease in the same way; your options are to cut,
burn or poison.

Most Oncologists will admit
they would NOT choose the chemo-
therapy route for a member of their
own family, no matter
how bad the cancer was!

Is that progress?

But the food industry is huge and our governments
get enormous revenue from the food and 
pharmaceutical industry (which work hand in hand)

We are all living with false hope, when the answer is much
easier-change what you put into your body.

Just pop over to You Tube and watch the fabulous
film The Beautiful Truth about 
The Gerson Therapy,
told from a young boys perspective
(the film your doctor doesn't want
you to know about).

Or read any of the fabulous books on
Gerson Therapy,
and convince me cancer is not related
to food (something Governments have 
known for decades but felt the average
person wasn't intelligent enough 
to process the facts).

This is a subject very close to my heart,
so sorry if I have come across "preachy".
I just get so angry by how we are all being

One thing I know for sure. If cancer research was a 
business, the shareholders would have shut it down
decades ago. How can billions have been contributed 
to a cause and yet we are still no further forward?
We are not eradicating the disease. It is more
virulent than ever and we are treating it in the same
way we did 30-40 years ago.
Is that progress?

Ironically I am posting this
post on the exact day my Mum
died at aged only 48.

Totally unintentional, but
I dedicate it to my
Mummy nonetheless:-)

I would so love to hear
your thoughts .