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Who Is Your 3am Friend?

Since being back in London I am trying desperately to catch-up
with both old and new friends.

Last week I spoke with one of my best friends; we've been
friends for more than 25 years.

After  happy tears and lots of girlie screams
she said to me "Van, you are definitely my 3am friend".

So this got us both debating what gives
someone the "honor" of being your 3am friend?

Who would you call first if you found out you were pregnant,
got the job you desperately wanted, if you won an award?
(after your respective partners and family of course.......
or maybe not ;-)

Who could write your obituary and clean
your computer if your died ;-)

(if like me you are a fan of Greys Anatomy, you will
"get" the above and how important a
3am friend is)

Who would you call first if your had front row
seats for the hottest tickets in town?

Who would drive there and back for you?
Who's seen you do the Ugly Cry?
Who could order for you at a restaurant?

Do you have  a 3am friend or do you think with family
they are not necessary?

One thing I discovered living in Spain was that
because families all live very close to each other,
people never nurtured friendships; they didn't "need"
friends, so they never invested time in friends.

I actually found that very sad. I think we all need
a 3am friend irrespective of how fantastic our 
family/husbands/partners are.

Maybe I'm wrong. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and
about your 3am friend if you have one.

p.s don't forget to see our previous post with details of our Flash sale which ends Tuesday 2 October.