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Which Button?

I saw this on Facebook.
It was posted by the lovely
Simon Jordan (a marketing genius)
and I just couldn't resist sharing with
my lovely blog babes.

OK, so pick your button and don't forget
to tell us why.

I'll start.
I would pick pink
(I know it says the ability to heal
a non-fatal wound) but I'm assuming
diseases fall into this category as they
are not wounds per sé?

As some of my older blog friends know,
I lost my Mum to cancer when she was
only 48. For the first time I felt 
 helpless  (I was only
24 at the time). 
I just literally had to stand
back and watch it all unfold.

It still haunts me to this day.
So that's my reason.

On the other hand, the grey
button would be great for tidying
up after the Mr ;-)

What's yours ?

necklace, pendants, gemstones, jewelry, jewellery,pink, green
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