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Where Were You?

Today as I watched the 9-11 Memorial on CNN, it still felt so raw. It felt like it was yesterday as I could remember exactly what I was doing. I can't believe 10 years have passed already.

It will be another one of those days that will be etched on our memories for ever, for different reasons of course; like the death of Elvis (yes I am old enough to remember!) or the death of Princess Diana (I lived spitting distance from Kensington Palace and I will never forget the haunting silence around the palace on that Sunday morning when the news came through that she had died).

As I watched the 9-11 Memorial, it reminded me of one of my favorite songs/videos, that make me cry every time I listen to it.

Please take a moment to watch it (there are no images of 9-11), and ask yourself, have we made progress? Have things changed?

What were you doing on that fateful day?

I had just moved to Spain, was unpacking some boxes and decided to put on the TV.It was about 2.30pm. Hubs walked past as I put on the TV just as the unspeakable was happening, and said "Oh an action film. Do you mind if I watch it?" Eight hours later we were still watching.

What about you? Please share if it's not too painful.