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What I've Learned So Far...............

As I continue on my journey of the "University of Life", there are some things that I have learned that keep coming up; lessons I can’t seem to avoid. Here are some of the things I have learnt so far:

* Stop trying to convince anyone of anything.

* The Universe whispers to you first. Then it taps you on the shoulder. If you’re still not listening, it will punch you in the gut and drop you to your knees. (I've been brought to my knees a few times, and looking back it was completely necessary!)

* The worst lie you can tell yourself is “I will be happier when……….” (God! I am only just starting to "get" this!)

* If you don’t give with a true sense of joy, don’t bother giving.
I'm still doing my 29 Day Giving Challenge-(see post below) but actually finding it a real challenge. Some days I'm really stumped

* Logic has it’s limits. People who worship logic all the time tend to suffer in their happiness and relationships. (Having studied the Sciences, logic was always my first port of call. Hubby has gradually taught me how "illogical" my "logic" could be).

* You’re never as wrong as when you are sure you are right. (I LOVE this).

* It’s great to have an edge, but if you are too sharp you will cut the people around you. (One of the reasons I left my previous profession as a Criminal Psychologist. I was just cutting too many people close to me).

* It’s not easy being grateful all the time. But it’s when you feel least thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you.

* I’ve learned not to worry about what comes next. (A really difficult one for me, but with the help of some great books and coaches I'm getting there).

* For me the word “doubt” means don’t. Don’t move. Don’t answer. Don’t rush forward (This one works for me EVERY time).

What have you learnt so far as you journey through the University of Life? I would love to hear some of your lessons, and how you came by them.