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What I DON'T Wish For You

This 2012, I DON'T wish for you...........................

....the cake or soufflé that emerges golden and domed, and deflates as you watch

.....the long awaited phone call that turns out to be the wrong number

.....the face that lights up at the sight of you, but passes by to someone just behind ;-)

......the perfect sale shoes half a size too small

.....the TV show you sit up until midnight to watch only to find you've seen it before

......(for all expats) the TV show you sit up until midnight to watch only to find they are not showing the original version, but dubbed in foreign tongues

.....the mutual love that turns out not to be

.....the wrongly delivered parcel

......the daffodils that never open but rot in the bud

Here's a few of mine:

I do NOT wish :

*more fat cells to move onto my hips and thighs and continue living rent-free. You will be evicted this year you little buggers.

* more toxic friends; friends that only contact you when they need something;
that leave me gasping for air and emotionally drained when I've been with them.

* to hear any more about the Kardashian sisters/family. Talentless fame just irritates me.

* to become obsessed about what I eat ; protein vs carbs, trans fats, E numbers........the list gets longer every year. I just want to make small, healthy changes every day.

* that fear stops me from moving forward

* that Mother Nature doesn't bestow us with more natural disasters as in 2011. I think last year she was laughing at us, saying "I told you so. Abuse the earth and this is what happens". OK, we get the message. Enough Mother Nature!!! ;-)

Apart from the obvious such as bad health, divorce etc. What do you not wish for yourselves in 2012?

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