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What Exactly Is It?

OK, it's that time of year again when I profess to not
being romantic, but get told every year I am ;-)

But here's the BIG question.
What is love?

*it is so many different and contradictory things

*in the early stages loves is excitement, 
butterflies, headiness and constant breathlessness

*it is the ache of separation and the joy and
comfort of being together.

*it builds irresistibly and relentlessly
moving from"I" to that first moment 
when you say "we" (and it sounds so right).

*later when the infatuation has simmered 
down from boiling point, it becomes something
much stronger and  less transitory

*love is all around for the taking. But to
seek it out seems futile. It's like chasing a 
butterfly. Only she you sit still does it come and
sit on your shoulder.

*it cannot be avoided or denied

*love is the wonderful, mysterious mortar
that binds two souls together.

This is LOVE.

I've found it.
I hope you have too.

So what is love for you?
What small little gesture does your
partner do that melts your heart?

Happy Valentines