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What Colour Are You?

Being a Psychologist,and now a jewellery designer, I am intrigued by what colours say about a person, and how they see the world.

I am intrigued by the insight you can gain from simple questions about colour; viewing the depths of the person, and seeing the coloured glasses they view themselves through.

I saw this questionnaire (I'm really sorry I can't remember where!) and I have adapted it slightly to learn a bit more about the lovely people who follow my blog.
The original questionnaire was very long (about 50 questions) but I've condensed it as I know time is of the essence for most of us. So I have listed about 15 "adapted" questions below, and will do some others during another post.

Do take a few minutes to play in the hope we can learn more about each other; it's just a few minutes of fun. My answers are in bold italics.

1) What’s your favorite colour?
Deep, rich purple

2) What’s your least favorite color?
Brown (any shade!)

3) What comes to mind when you think about your favorite color?
Rich jewels

4) How does this color make you feel?
Warm,rich, opulent

5) Has ______ always been your favorite color?
From about age 30

6) What does color mean to you?
Beauty, happiness

7) How do you use color in your daily life?
Usually with my jewellery, a good scarf, a small accessory

(Jewellery available from Luxuria)

8) Are you comfortable letting someone else choose the colors you live in? the colors you wear? Perhaps to live in, but not to wear

9) Is it difficult for you to make decisions involving color? If so, why?
No! In fact I had my colours professionally done about 20 years ago, so I know what suits me and what to steer clear of

10) Would you paint your bedroom your favourite colour?
No, but I have used my favorite colour for accents in the past

11) If not, what color would you choose? Why?
Purple would be too heavy in a summer climate. My current bedroom is a soothing Duck Egg Blue

12) What was the last purchase you made based heavily on color?
A bag from Loewe

13) What color was that purchase?
Black and cream

14) What drew you to that color?
It's classic versatility

15) What color do you most like to wear?

p.s for those of you pulling your hair out thinking I've spent "colour" wrong, I haven't. Blame it on my Britishness ;-)