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We're Not Friends Anymore.

Last week I was "chatting" to one of my lovely blogging friends Leigh, and we were talking about how different our wardrobes are now, to when we were both in the corporate world.

After our conversation, I started thinking about the obscene amounts of money I used to spend on my wardrobe and bags. Just thinking about it was making my toes curl. Let me explain my frivolity :

*it was the late 80's early 90's and I had just started working
*I was young, free and single
* my love-affair (encouraged by my late mum) started with the gorgeous Louis Vuitton boutique in London (so much so that the then shop manager is still a good friend of mine!)
*my Mum used to encourage me by saying my purchases were "investments", so it was OK ;-)
*I had a boyfriend (now my husband) who indulged my passion.
*It was the decade when everyone had "cash to flash!"

my very first bag; my favorite style which is now 20+
years old

I bought 2 pieces a year! Looking back, it was obscene. I spent enough to pay off the debt of a small African state (and I'm not proud of that) :-(

my last purchase about 6+ years ago

Every time I had extra money, it wasn't put aside for a rainy day, for my first property or for my next holiday. No, it went on my next baby-a LV piece. Each new piece became my next BFF:-)

I bought big and small items; from wheelie luggage to the smallest change purse.

My wallet, Filofax and pouch (which clips into the bag above).

However, over the last 6+ years, I've fallen out with my BFF's. Apart from my smaller items I never use these bags anymore. Why?

* maybe I've become more socially conscious as I've got older, but I feel very conspicuous wearing heavily monogrammed pieces; it just feels very vulgar and ostentatious for me now
* I currently live in a country where there are 4 million unemployed; it feels really distasteful to be flaunting such frivolous items in this current climate
*One medium-size bag costs more than the average monthly salary in Spain.
*My daily wardrobe has changed since living in the "wilderness". I can be found in smart casual rather than Armani suits. Add a heavily monogrammed LV bag, and I end up looking like a gangsters moll

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE designer bags and still ask Hubs to buy me one for a special occasion. But I prefer the more discreet designs; Loewe, Mulberry, Carolina Herrera etc. Maybe I will feel differently and use them again when I move back to London. Or maybe these will just contribute to my future pension fund. However, at the moment I have fallen out of love with monogrammed bags.

What do you think? Do you love wearing monogrammed designs in particular?
Are these types of purchases really superficial?
Is it just a way of flaunting to the world that you have "cash to flash"?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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