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Twinkle Toes

Firstly a HUGE thank you
for all the wonderful comments
on the previous post.

It was so assuring to read that
I wasn't the only one going through
this mad crazy behavior of
compare and despair.

Your comments were truly
eye-opening and so appreciated.

So I thought I would keep
things a little "light" this
week after 2 quite heavy
posts previously.

If you missed my Compare and
Despair post it's here.

If you missed my controversial
opinions on breast cancer
research, it's here.

OK, so back to sparkles :-)

As the nights start to well and truly
draw in here in the UK, it's usually
the time I start to think of sparkles for the


Bold. Beautiful. Striking crystal
heels seemed to be all over
the catwalk.

Guiseppe Zanotti

I so LOVE these

Don't forget Mini-Me

What's your thoughts?
Are you prone to channeling your
Dorothy when the winter and subsequent
party season arrives?

As always love to read your comments