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Trying Not to Be Slushy

I am not the most romantic.
My Hubs is certainly more romantic
than me. However, I LOVE 
being in love.

But love is so many different things
to different people.

For me it's not the roses, chocolates
or expensive gifts. It's must simpler than that.

Maybe it's:

*when you catch each others eye
in a crowd and know exactly what your
partner's thinking

*it's that lovely feeling of holding hands; that
warm, strong masculine grip that works every time

*it's knowing that no matter
how wrong you are about something,
you will always be defended (in public
at least ;-)

*it's knowing someone always has your back

*it's knowing that you don't need to
speak to feel each others presence

* it's when the word compromise
doesn't exist; it's just a given

*it's dancing in your pj's to your
favorite song and just losing
all track of the present 

I recently found this fabulous blog
that epitomizes all that is LOVE.
I cry every time I read the posts.
It really is unconditional love at it's most extreme.
You can't help reading the posts whilst
asking yourself "what if this were me?".
Pop over; I defy you not to shed a tear 
or two (you may need to read the post of 4
October 2011 to get the gist of what has happened).

Next grab your favorite drink and take
5 minutes to watch this lovely video; it needs no words

Happy Valentines Lovelies

Message to Hubs

p.s next week I hope to unveil my new website and
new blog/re-branding.
I would love your thoughts as I will
also be offering something just for my 
blog readers.