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To Kindle or not to Kindle?

OK, here's the deal. Like many of you that follow this blog I am an avid reader. My postman delivers Amazon packages so often, he is now part of the family!

I love books; I love waiting for them to arrive (it's always a surprise even though I know they are on their way). I love spending a Saturday afternoon in my favorite bookshop in London (Daunt-the oldest bookshop in the UK). I love the feel of a new book; the smell of the crisp, new pages. (I know I should get out more). And there is always a book in my bag, wrapped in a gorgeous organza black bag the same way IT girls go everywhere with their chihuahua's (I told you I need to get out more!)

She looked gorgeous even reading!

I can find a cosy nook where ever I am to indulge in my passion.

(via Pinterest: Pinmarklet)
What I would give to cosy up here on a winter's night

I have been known to make Hubs turn the car back on the way to the beach, and drive 50km in the opposite direction because I had forgotten my books.

(via Pinterest-NoraM)

(via Pinterest-KNeale)
Wow! this would be my ideal spot

However as I start packing up my life in Spain, I've started to box up my books to be shipped back. I have boxed 10 HUGE boxes, and they are only 75% of my books. I see Hubs going a ghastly shade of green everytime he walks past them.

It suddenly occured to me just how much space my books take up.

However I've still resisted buying a Kindle/e-reader ever since they came out, for the above reasons. Tell me :

*Do you have an e/reader?
*Is it the best thing since sliced bread?
*Am I missing out on a wonderful, 21st century invention?
*Is the reading experience just as enjoyable when done electronically?
*But how will we create gorgeous reading havens in the future (as in the images shown), if the way to go is electronic?

I would love to hear your views for and against the wonderful e-readers/Kindle.

Do I ask Santa for one or not?

(via Pinterest-Pinmarklet)
I just couldn't resist this. Start 'em young I say!!

p.s this post reminds me of a conversation Hubs and I had a few months ago (which I shared with my Twitter friends), talking at cross-purposes as we usually do. I was talking about reading with a Kindle, and Hubs thought I was talking about reading with a candle! I wish I could have recreated that conversation here. It truly was hysterical!