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This week.....................

............may you find what you've been looking for in the 
most unexpected place; a useful coin, 
your favorite nail varnish, a lost receipt..................

may you be really necessary for someone

may you get the front door open and charge to the phone
before it stops

may you find the perfect swimsuit for your
long awaited holidays

may you say the right thing to
the wine waiter

may you be astonished by your own abilities

may you fall in love with reality 
and not an illusion

may you find exactly the right retort-succint,
memorable, overwhelming at the time
and not half an hour later

may you enjoy just" being" and not find it necessary
to be constantly "doing"

How are you planning to make this week different
from usual?

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p.p.s do pop over to the lovely Cupcake Caramel who wrote a lovely post about her
recent shopping experience with us.

All images via Pinterest