• This Spring I Wish For You………..
This Spring I Wish For You………..

Well it's officially Spring (so I keep
being told) and apart from the odd day 
here and there (in the UK), it doesn't feel
like it should.

When it arrives it is definitely my most
favorite time of the year.
It's the month of my birthday,
so it always feels like the month of
new beginnings and  new promises
to myself.

I hope it hurries up and arrives and
when it does…...

* I wish for you the amazement of Spring that is 
always better that you dared expect

*I wish for you the desire to throw caution to
the wind and invite your "inner child" back to 
the party (why does that always happen
when the sun is shining?)

* I wish you the delight of seeing seedlings coming to life;
something that looked like an impossibility
when you first planted them

*I wish you the joy of dew on the grass as the sunlight
tries to burst through the morning clouds

*I wish you the joy of finally feeling the
heat of the sun on your skin; a feeling
long forgotten

*I wish you your first bunch of 
gorgeous daffodils; bought by you…..
for you ;-)

* I wish you the  smell of new fragrances that remind you
of  lemon groves in Italy, Orange blossom
from Spain or lavender bouquets from Provence, France.

*I wish you the courage to bear those
legs beneath pretty tea dresses 

Dress: Oasis

*I wish you the joy of making time to just
sit………..and be.

Spring in New York's Central Parl

* I wish you the joy of all things zingy
and citrusy.

* I wish you the fun of shedding
all dark and practical footwear for
fun, frivolous and totally impractical ;-)

Gucci sandals, green Gucci sandals, summer sandals, Gucci ankle strap sandals

* I wish you the joy of  lovely accessories;
accessories that remind you of Spring all
year round.

green jewelry, green gemstone ring, contemporary rings,green earrings, green gemstone earrings
OK, we may not all have those legs, but we can compensate with sparkles ;-)
Earrings here
Ring here

What most excites you about Spring lovely ladies?