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This Ruffled My Feathers

I had planned to write about something else this week
(as was also the case last week;-)
But I read a few things that really "ruffled my feathers".

Here's why.

As most people in Europe would have heard, the
King of Spain is due to abdicate.

As most of my readers know I have a great affinity
with Spain; my husband is of Spanish parentage,
I have lived there for the last 13 years and 
I love everything about Spain (well most things ;-)

But this week I have seen  a few articles written all about
why Kate Middleton should be using  Letizia as 
a role model.


This has made me really angry for a number of reasons.

From a style perspective-maybe. 
But there are a number of
reasons why Kate would NEVER have been allowed to
marry Wills if  she was more like Letizia.

Here's why:

*Letizia was married before she wed into the monarchy; she
married her college lecturer. I don't have a problem with her being
divorced. But being the future Queen of a predominantly Catholic 
country it does seem ironic

Also (as an aside) when Princess Diana divorced Charles, she
wanted to retreat for a while to Spain (as she used to holiday with
the Spanish Royal Family every year). The Spanish Royal family
refused and quickly distanced themselves from her on the basis 
that she was divorced.

Is it just me that smarts at the the irony of this?

*In the lead up to Letizia's  wedding, videos were shown
all over the TV of her participating in anti-monarchy
demonstrations in her youth. She was quite vocal about wanting a
Republic for Spain

*She was also vocal about being an atheist

* During her engagement photo call she caused 
outrage when the Prince tried to interrupt her whilst
she was speaking and she turned to him in front
of the world's press and said "Be quiet and let me finish!"
Spain was mortified!

* She also has one sister who committed suicide; which
is really a sin in the Catholic faith (but certainly not my
view) and another sister
who is  a bit of a "fruit loop" and constantly plays
with the paparazzi (in a somewhat embarrassing way)

* her grandmother was also under suspicion some years
ago on a charge related to Social Security fraud

The hypocrisy of all of the above was never lost on the
people of Spain, hence the reason there are now huge demonstrations
across Spain calling for the abolition of their Monarchy.

I am sure if Kate had that kind of background
she would never have been allowed to marry our 
heir to the throne.

So journalists, please leave her alone and stop comparing
her to a woman I really don't admire that much.

Kate is much younger and will grow into her 
role the same way Letizia was allowed too.

She is much younger, she has her own style
and she has no skeletons in her closet
(as they would have been found by now).

Admittedly I do think sometimes her clothes
can be a little "old" for her. But I think she
has such a fine line to walk  (between that of
young and trendy vs regal) that it must be hard
to get it on the money every time.

I am NOT a "Royalist", but  it really has
niggled me reading these articles about 
Letizia vs Kate.

What do you think?
Maybe you don't even care and think
I should go and get a life (and maybe you are right ;-)

Maybe you think the points I have
made have nothing to do with anything-what
happened when she was younger or 
to her family have nothing to do with now.

As always would love to hear from you