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This month.........

This month has been a wonderful month
for many reasons:

*finally accepting that I am where I am meant to be
(and finally stopped resisting "what is" on so
many levels)

*wonderful birthday celebrations for my Dad
(something at times I thought I would 
never see)

*watching my Dad's  constant happiness + appreciation 
for the simplest things that are done for him

*celebrating with family in Switzerland
(my Aunt reminded me that
I used to watch Roger Federrer + 
my cousins practise tennis years ago as
his family were neighbors! What a small world)

*rushing back to the UK to welcome friends
over from Spain

*lots of cooking and eating

*basking in the UK sunshine 
one minute and walking in a downpour
the next

*enjoying the tranquility of a gorgeous garden
with just the sound of birdsong and water features
for company

*the joy of disconnecting from technology and
enjoying stacks of magazines/books + long
conversations with loved-ones

*the silence of not needing to talk, but knowing
you are surrounded by people you love 

*loving the unpredictability of 
northern European weather
(I promise I really don't miss
the Spanish heat at all)

*the happiness of ideas

*the triumph of understanding

*the joy of creativity

*dew on bare feet

*the smell of freshly cut grass

*the sound of cow bells in the Alps

*the joy of seeing my luggage first on
the carousel ;-)

*the joy of knowing I am needed


What made you smile this month?