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This Is A Game-Changer (I think) :

Are you like most women, a multi-tasker
who is forever chasing her tail, with a
hundred thoughts swirling in her mind at any one
time? An insomniac who can't sleep because
of all the swirling etc etc

Then pull up a chair.
Bring your favorite brew,
and listen to this incredible talk
by the wonderful Arianna Huffington.

It takes only 30 minutes to watch, but it will
really re-shape your day and how you
see time (don't skip to the juicy bits as
it is all juicy and you might just miss the 
part that pertains to you ;-)

If you don't have 30 minutes to spare………..then
the irony of that should not be lost on you ;-)
Enjoy this really inspiring video. It certainly
made me change some of my habits.


Happy Weekend Lovelies