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The O's-Get the Look (Jewelry)

So the Oscars have come and gone
in a puff of fashion, hair and gems.

 I like to say live everyday on your
own red carpet (she says as she types
this post in her pj's and fluffy
slippers ;-)

Here are a few pieces that will
help you "translate" the red carpet,
Oscar jewelry look.

Oscar Jewelry-Jennifer Hudson

The lovely Jennifer Hudson went for blue all
around, including her earrings

Oscar jewelry-blue earrings

These gorgeous "blues" will make any girl
feel like a princess. They look fab dressed up "a la 
Hudson", or dressed down with jeans

Oscar Jewelry: Amy Adams

The gorgeous Amy Adams' ruffled gown was the
talk of the night. Her simple Mouawad earrings formed
the perfect companions.

Oscar Jewelry: Swarovski earrings

These stunning Swarovski earrings are simple and classy,
with a gun-metal undertone.

Oscar Jewelry:  Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Aniston displayed a pair of Fred Leighton
chandelier earrings, altho' lets face it we
were all clocking that rock on her third finger ;-)

Oscar Jewelry: Chandelier earrings

These are over the top glamor; sassy
and sexy need apply only ;-)
I think these chandeliers will turn heads at 
any party

Oscar Jewelry: Catherine Zeta Jones, Lorraine Schwartz earrings

Catherine Zeta Jones flaunted her love of opulence
with intricately carved Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

Oscar Jewelry: Gold earrings

These are really going to get you noticed! 
Sassy, sexy and as glamorous as you can get.

Oscar Jewelry: Jane Fonda wearing Chophard earrings

I think Jane Fonda looked fab; the image of grace
in her structured canary yellow gown and
Chophard chandelier earrings

Oscar Jewelry: dangly, turquoise earrings

These are just too stunning to be hidden. 
You need to put your hair up and wear these with pride.

Oscar Jewelry: Nicole Kidman wearing Fred Leighton earrings

Nicole Kidman displayed her love of the
ornate as she paired her sequinned gown
with Fred Leighton earring

Oscar Jewelry: Summer hoop earrings

Chandelier-chic at it's best. Very on-trend . 
C'mon girls channel the Spanish diva in you.

Whose jewelry caught your attention at the Oscars? (for
good or bad taste ;-)