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The List: What I've Loved This Month

OK, so we are already at the end of August
and the mere thought of the madness in the lead up
to Christmas makes me shudder just thinking about it
(even though I love Christmas).

As our senses are bombarded from
every angle, I thought it would be good to 
curate the things that made it into my life each 

So here goes:

OK so I joined a gym this month (the first time in about
20 years!!!!) I am NOT a gym bunny. I hate getting up early
to exercise (as I am a night owl, so getting up with the sun 
always proves difficult). But the Mr wanted to join a gym
now that we live in the country, and I thought
maybe having a gym buddy would help. So the Mr convinced
 me to join with him.
 I said yes, but it came with a condition…….these little beauties.

Adidas ZX Flux

Here's the thing. When they arrived, they looked so gorgeous that
they have not even made it to the gym. Instead my old Nike's are
accompanying me to the gym at 6am and these beauties are
now part of my daily staples ;-)

So still on this gym "adventure", I decided I needed some other
things to motivate me (the membership was clearly not enough ;-)

So next up I decided I needed these if I was going to
get anywhere on the treadmill.

These gorgeous rose-gold headphones are by Frends

OK, moving away from the gym and to beauty,
this new brand - Lulu's Time Bomb 
collection made it to my bathroom.

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail

I am not a fan of celebrity products, but this
product has been amazing. It's by the lovely Lulu
(and if you are from the UK you will know who she is).

I had read that she used her ex-Husbands team (John Frieda
from John Frieda hair products) to help her with the formulas
for these products. As John Frieda products usually do exactly
what they say on the tin, I decided to give this H2O Omega 
cocktail a go.

OMG!!!!My skin just drinks it up and it smells divine (like
a tropical cocktail).
You only need a tiny bit and I must say my skin is glowing after using 
this for about 3 weeks.
I LOVE it.
I bought this and some other products in the range from QVC

OK, so back to my new headphones,
I have consequently started to really get into Audio books.
I know I am late to the party AGAIN, but I love physical books
so I never expected to bother with audio books. But I thought I 
would give audible a try, and now my audio books are what are also
keeping me company on my morning treadmill sessions.

Two books I listened to this month were:

I can highly recommend both books. I have them in
the physical versions also. But sometimes it's really useful
to go over what you may have read the day before in audible form.
It certainly helps me retain some of  what I have read.

Finally, as my country cottage slowly comes
together, I have become obsessed with monogrammed

As I slowly work my way through each room deciding
how I can incorporate them, these were added to my 
shopping basket this month.

Maybe it defeats the object by getting the monograms
done in the same colour as the linen, but I preferred
it. I ordered mine from here

That's it Lovelies.
Wishing you a wonderful week