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The Book Everyone Should Read

OK Lovelies.

Firstly thank you for ALL the wonderful messages
you all sent me via the blog and the other
social media platforms I am on. I can't tell you
how much each and everyone of  them lifted my spirits.

I had planned to be away from my blog a lot
longer than week. But there is just something about
the wonderful connections blogs create, that brought
me back her so quickly. It's like
chatting to a group of girlfriends without having
to get out of your pi's ;-)

OK, back to why I am here so quickly.
In my quest for trying to deal with my grief,
the first thing I did was  reach for books. 
That is where I find solace.
How can I control my feelings? 
How can I gain perspective'
How can I move forward?

I hate the feeling of "just letting things be".
I need to do something.

I tried The Power of Now which lost me after the
first 5 pages. I just wasn't ready for something
so esoteric. I needed "do-able".

So whilst searching for some peace of mind,
I serendipitously heard an interview by the

OMG!! This man GOT IT. He was also
so funny with it which really helped me.

So I got onto his website. Connected with
him (and he is the most wonderful and caring
person you can imagine-bearing in mind he doesn't
know me from Adam!)

I then bought his book Live Like a Fruit Fly
and started devouring every page like a demon 
I have mentioned it to every friend I have spoken
to this week.

If there is ONE book to read this year, 
make it this one. It's not "woo-woo" at all.
It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. 
But most importantly, it will give you a perspective
on how we generally live our lives, which for most 
of us is not working that well  (despite our
Instagram feed ;-)

This is what Gabe says

"Fruit flies are born, begin attending to their fruit-fly
agendas, then succumb to death before witnessing a single
change in season……….They don't waste time waiting for

Through anecdotes, insightful musings and hopeful
messages Gabe emphasizes the importance of living
our best life now; not tomorrow, next month, when the
children have left home, when we retire…..etc.
He emphasizes why NOW is all we really have and
how to live in this process with gratitude.

Listen, Gabe is not some monk who went and 
sat on a Himalayan mountain top to become
enlightened. He is "real" (for me anyway).
He comes from the cut and thrust world of corporate
America. He is not going to ask you to start chanting
and ringing Tibetan bells (although there is nothing wrong
with that). 

But right now I needed a fresh perspective;
 a perspective I could relate to and which
I felt was real and do-able. I don't have
time to "find myself". My grief is too raw.
I need to move forward now.
I don't have time to do the "Eat, Pay Love" thing;
maybe next year ;-)

I just needed something that would
resonate NOW.

Treat yourself  to this wonderful
quick read. It's a great way for all of us
to start the year whether you are in the midst of
grief  or just going through the motions
of another January, another year.

Make this one different for the right reasons.

p.s I am not an affiliate for this book or for the author. 
It's just something I loved and wanted to share.