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The Bold and the Beautiful.

A ring is the most symbolic piece of jewelery there is. It is a sign of love, a token of commitment, a public display of personal heritage etc. Also, it is just damn good fun wearings rings; as fake as you wish and worn with glee on any finger you choose (except the thumb, unless you are Phoebe from Friends!)

If you have small-boned fingers, then I am sorry my friends but you are unable to take anything too bold. If you on the other hand (like me) have joints and knuckles that can floor a heavy weight boxer, then you can think BIG. Your true love will have to compete with Richard Burton, and size in this instance DOES matter !

If your knuckles and joints can black out Rocky, then you can carry off wonderful jewelery, that may cost next to nothing, but still be real “Bobby Dazzlers”.

Nowadays any stone goes at any time of day, but too many rings on a finger detract from their individual beauty, and a ring on every finger is exceptionally tacky (note to Javier Bardem’s mother!!!)
One stunner is better than eight mediocre bands.

Rings shown above can be bought/ordered from our boutique.

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