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The Biggest in the World

This week saw the opening of the largest
CHANEL boutique in the world

Yes! it's here in my home town-London.

It's 3 storeys high and 12,600 square feet!

 The stats surprised me too as 
I thought the biggest had to be in Paris

The centre-piece is a HUGE sculpture 
inspired by Coco Chanel's pearls. It's made from
Venetian blown glass.
What do you think?

The boutique could easily be mistaken for a stately home.

No detail is left out which include; 
*lush tweed sofas

*hand stitched curtains with pearls
*gorgeous tweed chairs which line the hand-bag bar
*crystal chandeliers

*silk woven walls  supporting some of the
most expensive handbags in the world

Apparently the changing rooms are the epitome
of decadence (I like decadence ;-)

Chanel 2013

I am going to visit on Friday. I hope
it lives up to all the hype.

Happy Weekend Lovelies


Images from a variety of sources including
Vogue UK