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The Bag Lady

The 'Vaseline Life in a Bag' exhibition was held a few
years ago in Selfridges (London).

Prior to the exhibition a survey was carried out to find out
what women really carried in their bags; an intriguing
picture of the 21st woman

I love this clutch by C.Wonder

Condoms,contraceptive pills and donor cards 
spelt responsibility

I so LOVE this bag + color 

Filofaxes,electronic organisers + laptops
implied organized women

The 1.2 million diamond-encrusted Birkin

21% of women carried cigarettes in their bag


Indigestion tablets outweighed health supplements

Stella McCartney

In comparison, 50's women may have carried a tube map........

Needs no explanation!

.......painkillers, stockings and make-up.
I love this Cath Kidston satchel

So what unusual thing do you always carry in your bag?

In mine is always a ring sizer (you will be surprised
how many people suddenly ask you to tell them what size 
their fingers are!) and disinfectant hand wash (did
I tell you before what a germ-a-phobe I was?)

So c'mon girls, give us a peek at what's in your bag; something
unusual ;-)

Is there a special bag on your wish-list this season?
Mine is the white Chanel shown above (a girl
can fantasize can't she?)

All images via Pinterest