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Thank You Holly Golightly

"If I could find a real life place that
made me feel like Tiffany's then I'd
buy some furniture and 
give the cat a name" (Holly Golightly)

I don't know many women whose heart doesn't 
miss a beat when they see the famous turquoise
box from Tiffany.

If you are from my generation then
maybe it was the delectable Holly Golightly
who introduced you to the seductive
world of Tiffanys

Just take a look at the fab video below 
about Tiffany.

Dream and indulge for just 7 minutes

What did you think?

Are you a Tiffany fan or not really?

Have you been to THE store on 5th Avenue?

I've been to the store in London, 
but it just doesn't have the same
feeling for me as I am sure the original store
on 5th Ave would have.

Would love to hear your thoughts xx