A Spanish Valentines
I thought I would bring you some Spanish gems for Valentines

Gold and diamond pendant in a
polyglot heart - Tous

Gorgeous Gold heart earrings- Aristocrazy

Miniyo Wedges- Coolway

Stunning satin shoes-Pura Lopéz

Rosario tulle flowers at your feet -Pretty Ballerinas

I really love this multicolor satchel-Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Floral clutch -Desigual

Red enamel hearts with Swarovski crystals-Viceroy

For all my lovely friends shivering in a very cold
Europe (including me in Spain!),
stay warm Angels!!!

What are your plans for Valentines, do you not celebrate?
Is Valentines just another commercial marketing day?
Here in Spain it is still not that popular,
altho it is growing in popularity each year.

Couldn't resist this!
Boys will be boys ;-)

Would love to hear what you" really" think ;-)

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Love is..........

* letting you take the first sip of his cappuccino

*a soft, unexpected touch

*what causes you to lose concentration

*looking forward most to aprés-ski ;-)

* knowing what each other are thinking without saying a word

*not asking how much your new shoes and dress cost ;-)

*letting her take over the bathroom

*not complaining even though he only has 1/5th of
the wardrobe space

* not saying anything when he turns over in bed and takes all the
covers with him

*finding strength in each other when disaster strikes

* a necessity not a luxury

*not letting time run out

* him buying you your favorite magazine without you even asking

*letting him drive with the car roof down even though you
know you will arrive at your destination looking like a troll

*the reason we are here

*living spontaneously, not according to a life plan

*the fairytale you want it to be

* holding onto every precious moment

*when your future is as crystal clear as it can be

*always bringing out the best in each other

* not speaking for hours, but knowing the other is a touch away

*wanting the same things in life

*not caring about compromise; it's a given

Please share what love is for you..........................

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Valentines Best-sellers!
This is just a very quick post to keep you all posted with what sold best over Valentines (lots of lucky ladies out there today!!)

Of course these are an obvious choice, and this colur and the gun-metal grey (the same ones that are the 2nd prize in our competition) sold very well.

Many of these bracelets were bought with the names of both of the couple engraved on the discs. This is one of my favs for an occassion like Valentines.

Of course Stacking rings are very popular now, so it was inevitable that these would sell well. A great choice as the recipient can add to them as she pleases.

We also sold quite a few of this gorgeous solid silver cuff,which has been designed using real buttons. This will certainly make a girl stand out from the crowd!

Thankfully the men in our lives weren't forgotten either!

There you have it!
Don't forget tomorrow is our competition draw, so keep your eyes peeled. Good luck to all my lovely friends (I wish you could ALL win something!)

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