And the Winner is............................

Well my lovelies, it's time to announce the lucky winner of our Spring Giveaway.
And the winner is: DAWN COSTEN

It's lovely to finally have a fellow Brit win our giveaway. All previous winners have been from across the Atlantic, so this is a nice surprise.

Dawn, please contact me (or I will try and contact you via Twitter).

A special thank you to ALL that entered, because without you participating it is no fun.

If you didn't win, don't worry, we will have another giveaway very soon; you just have to keep posted to our blog or Twitter announcements.

NOTE: please note that the winner was selected by random.org (I just have no idea how to add the image to my blog. Please forgive my lack of technical savvy!)
Spring Blog Giveaway!!!
OK my friends, I'm not sure if it is the Easter spirit that has prompted this Giveaway or Spring Madness (I'm sure if you talk to my hubby he will say the latter as many strange things have been happening lately!),but I am in the mood for a Giveaway.

OK, up for grabs are these GORGEOUS Swarovski crystal earrings. They are in a beautiful light blue (which would be perfect for Spring and Summer) and have silver fastenings. They are approximately 18mm in size and for pierced ears only.

So the rules for the Giveaway are as follows:
i) Become a blog follower and leave a comment
ii) Go to our website here and subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of the Homepage. Don't worry we don't send out newsletters too frequently, so your Inbox won't be bombarded; and remember to leave a comment here.
iii) Follow us on Twitter (and comment back here).
That's it friends!
Every comment will be counted. If you are a follower, but you haven't commented, your name will NOT be included in the draw. So don't forget to comment.

Giveaway ends on Sunday 8 May..
Good luck my friends, and may the best girl win!!
Luxuria Competition Update!!!!
OK friends, we started our competition 4 days ago, and I am so overwhelmed by the response, that my gratitude has got the better of me (again!).

When we started the competition we had about 250+ followers on Twitter, and our goal was 800 followers. However, despite selection 800, deep-down I thought maybe it was just a tad too ambitious. Well much to my shock, in just 4 days, we have nearly reached 700, and we still have 9 days before the competition ends.

So I have decided to throw another prize into the pot as a thank you to eryone who has supported our competition!

Second prize will be these GORGEOUS Swarovski crystal heart earrings which are in a shade called 'Night-shade'- a divine gun-metal grey. When these catch the light they are really stunning, and I think the lucky recipient will be the envy of all her friends! I have a pair and have had many clients wiling to buy them directly off my ears! They really are beautiful.

Second prize-What do you think?

So my lovely friends, your chances of winning a prize from LUXURIA has just shot up!
Competition Time at LUXURIA!!!
OK, here's our first competition for 2011.

The prize is this beautiful ring in rhodium or pink gold plated (pink-gold plated as shown), in Amethyst, in the size of your choice (depending on size availability).
Isn't it gorgeous?

All you have to do is become a follower of ours on Twitter. We need to reach 800(hoping this is not too ambitious!) followers by 16 Feb 2011 for the draw to take place. You can follow us @VanLuxuria or click on our icon to the right.

If you are already a follower, you will be automatically entered; I would also like to say a sincere thank you for following us.
Is your job done? Not quite. We need you to tweet about the competition so that we reach our number! (I know you thought you got off easily)

The Winner Is ........................

Dear friends I am SO pleased to announce our Giveaway winner-Nº16
Unfortunately I couldn't save the actual image from random.org (perhaps someone would be kind enough to tell me how to do it??)

Nonetheless, the lovely Sandy @ohhlafroufrou is the winner!!

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 24 Result: 16
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Sandy, please send me an e.mail to:
vanessa@luxuria-jewellery.com, with your postal address etc

A HUGE thank you to all who participated. Don't worry if you didn't win, there will be another "Giveaway" in October.
Jewellery Giveaway Update!!
Dear Friends

as you all know our blog Giveaway ends tonight at 11pm (CET).
However, we have a small snag. I've just been advised that the earrings in our Giveaway are completely sold out in our boutique!! Good news for me, bad news for you!

Don't worry dear friends. I'm checking if the other color is available ( a beautiful Autumnal olive green), if not, another pair of equal value and beauty will be the prize. I will post the picture as soon as I get word from my assistant at "Luxuria HQ"!

Please accept my apologies to any of you that had your heart set on the purple. As soon as they are available again, I will run another Giveaway.

Fingers crossed for all of you!!
So unassuming and yet......................

I used to pass this gorgeous town house every day when I lived in London 9 years ago. I never really gave it a second glance, although I always noticed chauffeur driven luxury cars waiting outside; but I still never thought twice about it, as it is quite common in this part of London.

However, with the introduction of Carrie Bradshaw and the gang, I now know that this very gorgeous townhouse is in fact the shop that all women revere. To say most women worship at this mans feet (feet is a big clue here girls!) is an understatement.

It is the gorgeous shop of none other than Manolo Blahnik. Surprised?

Here are some more facts and trivia that you may have not known:

*Jackie Onassis wore Manolos
*Madonna said his shoes were “as good as sex!”
*Princess Diana used to sit on the floor of his studio chatting to him while she tried on pair after pair.
*Sex and the City introduced his creations to a whole new generation.
*His father was from Prague and his mother was from Santa Cruz de la Palma in the Canary Islands
*During the war his mother learnt how to make her own beautiful shoes with the help of an island cobbler.
*His parents wanted him to become a Diplomat and shipped him off to the University of Geneva to study Law. But he dropped out after his first forensic medicine class when he passed out on the floor at the sight of the corpse.
*One of his earliest creations was for Ossie Clark.
*His first shop was a tiny boutique in Old Church Street, Chelsea.
*He keeps one of each pair of shoes he has designed; 25,000 shoes are arranged in date order in panelled cupboards that fill up two adjoining houses in Bath. Wouldn’t you love to play around in that house for a day or two?
*He tries on many of his creations to ensure they don’t snap (a sight to be beholden!)
*His first “pop-up” store will open in Liberty’s of London which will not only sell his shoes, but also umbrellas, notebooks, cushions, silk scarves and drawings from his shoe archive.

So there you have it, some facts/trivia on the Saint of Shoes. If you are lucky enough to be in London to visit the pop-up shop, I SO envy you!

p.s if you haven’t already entered our ‘Gorgeous Giveaway’, do scroll down and enter. The winner will win TWO fab prizes.