Our Divas Don't Sleep!
OK, so here we are just finishing the first week in January, and when most people are shopped out and recovering from the holiday season, the Divas that buy from our boutique are still shopping (I am not complaining, just very, very grateful!)
Here's the items that were most popular as we kicked off 2011.

OK this was actually bought at the end of December by my wonderful blog friend Adrienne over at The Rich Life on a Budget
In fact she bought the new color called Fume (which is so new I don't have a photo from the designer yet).Basically it's a gorgeous smoky, brown, tobacco color. Adrienne bought it as a reward for her new exercise regime (pop over to her blog and read all about her efforts; it's truly inspirational if you are in a "fitness funk" after the holiday indulgences). I'm hoping once her ring arrives she will post a photo so you can all the see the new color.

A few people purchased this ring this week.As you can see from the second photo, it opens up like a locket and is deep/big enough to put a sentimental momento inside. One customer wanted to put a lock of her sisters hair after her sister died from cancer at the end of last year. How heartbreaking!

If you are all "glitzed out" after the party season, these earrings seem to be quite popular; I think it's because after all the glitz and glamor, these are still classy enough to wear during the day without looking like a Christmas tree.I know mine have been on my ears quite a bit this week.

Finally the earrings that made it onto the ears of an MTV Diva, sold quite a few at the end of last year and this week. Who is the Diva? Don't be naughty, you know I can't tell. OK, you naughty bunnies, here are some clues: She is a singer-song- writer, she plays the piano, she had a hit last year singing about a very special city in America, and she has just had a baby boy!

OK, so there you have it, a quick update of what our loyal Divas bought this week.

All items available from LUXURIA
The Drink of All Divas!
One drink that is always associated with decadence and divas, is Champagne (well bearing in mind Mariah Carey won't sing a note without a dressing-room supply, then you can see how this perception has grown.

Here's some more facts/trivia about the bottle we always love to pop when there is a celebration:

*Hip hop favourite Cristal was the first prestige brand created in 1876. P Diddy did his bit for the brands street cred when for his 29th birthday at New Yorks Cipriani, the bill for SIX free-flowing champagne bars was $500,000!

*The world's ritziest concoction is the Diamond Martini served at London's Sheraton Park Tower. For up to 4,000 Pounds (approx $6,500) a glass, you get a heady mix of vintage cognac, Champagne, Angostura bitters, a sugar cube- oh, and a loose diamond of your choice!

*Despite the recession, Champagne sales leapt by 14% in the UK last year.

*Legend has it that the champagne "coupe" (a shallow broad rimmed goblet) was modeled on the shape of Marie Antoinette's breast, using wax moulds.

*James Bond is portrayed as a frequent drinker of champagne. A count reveals 35 occasions in which he is portrayed drinking Champagne. I am surprised as I always thought his drink was Martini; shaken not stirred!

*A Champagne corks leaves the bottle at a velocity of approx.38-40 mph, but can pop out as fast as 100 mph!

*The pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 pounds per square inch, about three times that in an automobile tire.

*There are approximately 49 millions bubbles in a 750ml bottle calculated by scientist Bill Lembeck. Wouldn't you have loved to be involved in the fact-finding?

*Marilyn Monroe is said to have once taken a bath in the bubbly. According to her biographer, it took 350 bottles to fill the tub.

*The average 120ml glass contains 90 calories and contains antioxidants that lower blood pressure.Compare to some calorie laden cocktails,what more excuse do you need to indulge?

So there you have it, some facts about the Divas drink of choice. Having put this post together, I can now confess I don't like Champagne!

What about you? Can you take it or leave it, or is it really your drink for celebrating in style?

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Every DIVA's Dream!

My favourite store in the whole world (Selfridges) had a huge event last week. They opened their doors to the biggest shoe department in Europe (wouldn't you have loved to have been there). Just reading about it made me feel SO homesick.

Even Carrie Bradshaw could not have dreamed it up;35,000 sq ft of shopping space dedicted sole-ly (sorry!) to shoes.

It was unveiled on the eve of London Fashion Week.
Fashion royalty such as Vivienne Westwood were among the guests celebrating the London department store's new Shoe Galleries, where Paolo Nutini serenaded guests.

The vast space - which is bigger than Tate Modern's Turbine Hall - will showcase over 5,000 pairs of shoes from 120 brands, ranging from designer styles by the likes of Roger Vivier and Jimmy Choo, to collections from high street chains including River Island and All Saints.

Designed by architect Jamie Fobert, there are six different salons, each with a different look. In one, shoes are showcased like works of art on floating glass panes, appearing to float across the room. In another they are spotlit on long dark blue shelves.

And in anticipation of the shoppers likely to spend hours trying on the coveted designs, there is plenty of plush fuchsia pink seating.
The space will play host to 30 designs from labels including Balenciaga and Marc by Marc Jacobs, available exclusively to Selfridges.
There are 11 designer boutiques too, each with their own distinct style. The Chanel area is a recreation of Coco Chanel’s apartment, while the Christian Louboutin boutique boasts a red carpet and a trompe l’oeil chandelier.Can you imagine how wonderful to spend a Saturday afternoon playing about in Coco Chanel's apartment?

Ugg Australia hopes to inspire shoppers to buy its sheepskin boots with a chalet-style boutique, while Topshop's is the brand's first footwear department outside of its own stores.

The department even has its own restaurant, an outpost of French eatery Aubaine, should you run out of steam mid-shop.

Selfridges’ director of accessories, Sebastian Manes, said: 'The Shoe Galleries will be a new and exciting way to experience shoe shopping within one huge space.
'The new department will fit perfectly into the essence of what Selfridges is - a place where everyone can find something extraordinary to buy, from the inexpensive to the luxurious.'

Definitley a "pit-stop" for me when I go in December.

Next blog post I will bring you more fun facts about the fabulous shop called Selfridges.

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