Renowned NY Designer joins Luxuria!!
Well, it's been a few weeks since my last post; life suddenly became super busy. But I am so excited to announce that a new designer has joined Luxuria. New York designer Victoria Tillotson's beautiful pieces can now be seen on our website (www.luxuria-jewellery.com)

Victoria and I connected by chance as neither of us have a typical jewellery designer background (both of us have academic/science backgrounds). I guess neither of us imagined that there would be another scientist interested in contemporary/modern jewellery.

Victoria's designs have been showcased in Allure, InStyle and Lucky magazines, as well as adorning the earlobes of a very famous MTV Diva!!!!

She is also the author of 'Chic Metal-Modern Metal to Make at Home' and has contributed to many other jewellery and jewellery making books. Now you can understand why we are so honoured that she has joined us.

Just take a look at some of her gorgeous earrings (all are available from Luxuria).

Silver hammered double hoops with 12 sparkling gemstones in rich purple Amethyst and black streaked tourmalated Quartz.

A sparkling cascade of 5 hammered silver mini squares, accented with a faceted Aquamarine stone. Earrings are 3" (7.5cm) long.These would look fab at a Christmas celebration/party. One of my favorites!!!

These earrings are absolutely DIVINE, and so unusual.Gorgeous hammered silver with Iolite gemstone.

These are the "famous" MTV Diva earrings!!

I am definitely buying these. They are hammered into an organic pomegranate shape (perfect for Fall/Autumn). Gorgeously
discreet enough to wear during the day without looking like a Christmas tree.

So there you have a sneak view of Victoria's designs. More can be seen on our site, along with all the prices.

As a special promotion we are offering FREE shipping for any one of Victoria's designs,from now until Thanksgiving Day (offer ends on Thanksgiving Day)

Would love to hear your views on this collection.
Every Diva Loves Lipstick

OK here's the deal. I LOVE lipstick. I haven't got my head around lip-gloss yet, as one gust of wind and my hair is subsequently stuck and smeared across my lips. So lipstick is still my faithful friend.

Here are some more "beauty by numbers":

13.2 BILLION :
is the number of British Pounds consumers spend on cosmetics and toiletries. If you ask my husband he will say 10 billion of that comes from our house!!

The year Parliament made lipstick illegal, declaring women who "seduced men into matrimony by cosmetics means" witches! Of course stuffy old "suits" always know best about cosmetics. Why do we never think to ask them??

This is the century in which Eugene Rimmel invented the first ever Rimmel.
God Bless Eugene Rimmel! May he be canonised (well he's my saint).

The number of lipstick shades the average woman owns.
A "conservative" estimate I would say. It's more like 5 per season or brand in my make-up bag.

The number of bottles of Chanel No.5 sold every 30 seconds.
I must be the only woman on the planet that has never tried Chanel No.5.Freud would say this stems from some traumatic event that happened in my childhood-perhaps!

The percentage of British women who wear lipstick.
I often wonder if this number is greater or smaller in France and the US.

What are you thoughts? Would love to hear abut your favorite lipsticks. Or maybe you can't stand the feel of lipstick on your lips; maybe you're a "gloss girl".
Do share your make-up secrets; Diva's united by lipstick!!!!!!!

Please share this:
Are you a Diva?

"Decadence for Divas" is the tag-line for our on-line boutique. And this tag-line has been met with mixed reactions. Some people just "get it" immediately, and love it. Others see it in a more negative light. To them a "diva" is somebody negative.

But, hang on a minute!

The true meaning of the word “Diva” means a highly successful female singer. However, nowadays it seems the original meaning of the word has changed, and it now seems to conjure up completely different connotations; that of demanding, spoilt, rich, precocious women (with usually very little related to any kind of talent).

When the famous mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson died she was spoken of as going “from triumph to triumph, yet never became a Diva, never lost her sense of purpose, or her sense of humor about herself”.

However, is there any shame in remembering the original meaning and connotations of the word diva; classy,style, glamorous, at the top of her game etc?

I thought that I would never want to be tagged as being a Diva or Prima Donna. That I definitely didn’t want to live 100% of my life center stage. However there are times when we need to be center-stage; times when we need to openly speak our mind and champion what we believe. Times when we need to step up to the bar.

Does this mean you are a Diva? If so, is there anything wrong with being a Diva?

For me it’s more important “how” we take center-stage that matters; how we blow our own trumpets and how we treat those around us.
More than being remembered as a Diva I would prefer to be remembered as perhaps a selfless child/daughter, a life-long learner, an honorable partner, a graceful friend and a business-woman of integrity.

What about you? Would you like to be remembered as Diva or in some other way?

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