I'm Sure You Don't Agree (or maybe you do!)
I've always loved Christie Brinkley.

London-Summer 2011

London-Summer 2011

I was so excited to be seeing her in the London showing of Chicago when I returned to the UK for my hols (read previous post as to why it didn't happen).Her body and beauty is quite mystifying. Maybe she has had plastic surgery (I really can't tell), but if she has she must have one of the best surgeons in the world!

Chicago-London 2011

However, I read a magazine interview of hers this weekend, and was surprised to see her say,
"I try to read my news in the paper because online can lead you into the blogosphere, which can be one of the ugliest places in the world".

She's obviously talking about some of the hurtful things she read when she went through her last, very acrimonious divorce. But I am sure if you are reading this post you far from believe that the blogsophere is one of the ugliest places.

I would love to hear from you about:

*why you started blogging
*how (if at all) blogging has changed you in any small way
*what has surprised you most about blogging
* any observations you have about blogging

Please feel free to leave a link to your own blog with your comment, as a way of spreading the "blog love".

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Happy New Year from Luxuria!

Well a belated Happy New Year to all my wonderful blogger friends. As some of you will already know from my tweets I went back to a snowy UK for Christmas. After having my flight canceled for 4 days running and feeling like I would never get there, we finally arrived on the 23 Dec.It was certainly worth all the countless wasted hours sitting in Seville airport.

A gloomy day outside Kensington Palace. I always feel really sad when I pass the late Princess Diana's home

I never expected to find them cooking a paella outside an old English pub. Very strange!

Shopping in Fortnum & Masons (London) on Christmas Eve

Knightsbridge Arcade in "Ye Olde England" style; really classy shops

Who said you can't eat cupcakes for breakfast! (Harrods Food Hall, London)

Having only arrived back 2 days ago I am still catching up on all the wonderful blogs I missed, and thought I would just touch base with you all in case some of you thought I had dropped off the edge of the earth!

Firstly I want to start this year by saying a HUGE thank you to all the wonderful friends/followers I have obtained since I started blogging a few months ago (yes, I really am a "blog virgin!") You have all made me feel so welcome on the blogsphere, as well as teaching me so much about how it is all done. I have suffered from serious "blog envy" with practically every blog I follow, and usually have to go and lie down after reading some of your fab blogs in the hope that lying horizontally may help my creative juices (so far it hasn't worked!) Therefore, I hope I can continue to learn from all of you very talented bloggers. It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you all and I hope our friendships continue throughout this year.

With regards our boutique, I am looking forward to lots of exciting things here at Luxuria HQ. Our first in-house design (designed by moi!) has now been made, and I am just waiting for the samples to arrive. I hope I will be able to show it to you in my next blog post. Here's some hints to wet your appetite; it has been designed specifically for the "pinky" finger and includes black onyx in the design. I can only describe it as decadent, classy and indulgent! Keep your eyes peeled. We may run a competition with this new design as the prize. Have I teased you enough?

Also we are in discussions with more fab designers who want to showcase their wares in our boutique, so as they start coming on board I will let you all know.

So I will end this short post by just wishing you all health, happiness, and of course lots of "bling" for 2011.