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Swinging from the Chandeliers!!!

No! No! No! you naughty minxes. This post is not what you think it's about. It's about one of this summers jewellery trends; chandelier earrings.

A couple of customers and blog followers requested some posts on summer jewellery trends. As I suffer writers block more than I experience creative inspiration, I was so grateful for their suggestions.

OK, so this post we will look at chandelier earrings.

Elizabeth Hurley, gorgeous as always, with some mega-chandeliers at the Ark charity event in London, June 2011

OK, so do we all have to look like Elizabeth Hurley to carry of the chandelier? No, we most certainly don't, but not every chandelier style is right for every woman or every outfit. Choose the wrong style and you can end up looking like Dame Edna Everage on a bad day!!!

So here are my tips:

1. Never wear a chandelier earring longer than your neck. If it's touching the tops of your shoulders when you're standing, it's going to disappear down the ravine of your cleavage when you sit down; never to be seen again! Instead choose a style that leaves at least 1 inch between the bottom of the earring and the top of your shoulders.

2. If your face is broad or round, or if you have even a slight double chin avoid chandelier earrings with a wide bottom. Instead, opt for a longer, slimmer silhouette that elongates the face and trims your profile.
Celeste Earrings

Square Waterfall Earrings

If your face is very long and thin, give it more balance with a chandelier that offers more depth and width at the bottom to slenderize your face.
Channel your Spanish diva with these -

3. You can wear a chandelier during the daytime for a bohemian casual chic look. But do choose a shorter length.
Gorgeous for day-time against a back-drop of white clothing-

Bohemian chic in brass -

4. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, opt for a longer earring to keep the look vertical. An earring that is too short breaks the line and can make your face appear fuller. If you don't want to wear a long chandelier earring than opt for a short drop earring with single stone or bead.

My "Martini" earrings for "anytime, any place anywhere!"

6. Never, ever, ever wear a large or showy necklace with chandelier earrings. Even a strand of pearls can be "over-the-top" if your chandeliers are significant, and you will end up looking like a walking Christmas tree, and we don't want that do we?

Two beauties "sans" necklace

So there you have a it- a brief lesson on how to wear chandeliers this summer without looking like the Las Vegas Strip, or Blackpool Illuminations (if you are from the UK!).

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