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Sunnies Side Up

This week has been glorious in London, so my thoughts went to
where the hell I had put all my sunglasses.
Most are left at my home in Spain as I
had forgotten that the UK does have sun.

I am an Aviators girl usually (I just never got the big
bug-eye look going ;.)

But then came across these and just
wished I was brave enough to don a pair

All the above by Swedish designer  Anna Karin Karlsson

A-Morir, Prada and DSquared

I SO love the floral glasses by A-Morir
above. I just wish I was brave enough to
wear them :-(

What are your thoughts? Too Nicki Minaj?
Are you a traditionalist when it comes to 
your sunnies or do you go with the 
latest look?

Would love to hear from you.

p.s excuse my rather lame attempts at collages; still
haven't had the time to perfect them yet.