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Summer Has Finally Been Activated

Well I think Summer has finally been activated here in the UK 
after what was a very damp and dismal start to June.
So in celebration of Summer, I wanted to bring you a Summer cocktail 
that epitomises all things British.

It's a drink that is inextricably connected with events such as Ascot, 
the polo, Chelsea Flower Show and of course Wimbledon. 
A Pimms bar first popped up at Wimbledon in 1971 and now
more than 80,000 pints of  the cocktail are now served to spectators
at every tournament.

Pimms, summer, summer cocktails, British

The drink itself was invented by Mr James Pimms, a nineteenth-century oyster bar owner who decided to offer this drink to his clients as a "fruity" aid to digestion.
Like a good G&T, a well made Pimms is like a well-made Spanish sangria  (of which there are many bastardized versions ;-)
It shouldn't be a sad watery concoction with mushy fruit on the top.
I think just some orange cucumber and mint is all you really need (and maybe some strawberries). I just don't get the apples to be honest.
Then just add some good quality lemonade (or even sparkling wine) LOTS of ice and you are good to go.
Don't fear the ice will water it down. It needs generous amounts of ice.
Then just sit back, glass in hand and ........think of England!

Pimms, summer, summer cocktails, British, Pimms recipe

Pimms, summer, summer cocktails, British, Pimms recipe
Image: Getty-Design by Michael Stillwell

Finally, in celebration of all things red and summery, here's something to get you in the mood. No checkout code needed. Just click the image or link to see all the colours available.
Offer ends Tuesday 20 June (midnight BST).

That's it Lovelies.
I would love to hear what drink, for you, 
Summer would not be the same without.

Pimms, summer, summer cocktails, British, Pimms recipe