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Summer Glam

The perfect place for summer breakfast

NEW: FRANCESCA Earrings: The perfect accompaniment for your summer, beach-glam days.
NEW: ELISA banglesThis bangle set is just calling out for the woman who loves laid-back beach glam. 
How perfect will these look on the beach with your cut-offs or dressed for glam night of cocktails.

The perfect English summer drink

NEW: Gorgeous MIA bracelet This gorgeous bracelet is perfect for the woman 
who likes boho, laid back glamor; 
the epitome of steamy days in Ibiza, Mallorca, get the gist.

NEW: Stunning LOTUS earrings.
These stunning earrings will make you feel so glam even 
if you are just wearing your favorite jeans to run some errands.

What epitomizes summer for you?