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Spring Trends 2013: My Picks

OK Lovelies, the weather started to warm up here
in the UK, and my thoughts darted quickly to Spring
(before I missed the event that could have lasted all
of a day ;-)

So these are my picks of the Spring trends for 2013.


First up is my fav designer Carolina Herrera. My home in
Spain is literally 2 minutes from one of her stores and it proved 
to be a "dangerous" place for me to live. Anyway, I digress. 

CH went for pastels. I read pastels will be  going into
Autumn/Winter 2013 also. So maybe it's worth the splurge.

If you are going for pastels I've recommended keep your
jewellery pastel or simple (pastel on pastel seems to be
a big trend also this year)

Spring 2013- Carolina Herrera
From left to right:
Olivia earrings
Celeste earrings
Alessandra pendant
Mariella earrings


Diane Von Furstenberg did gorgeous "wearable" bolds
Here are some of my favs.
Again if you are going bold, I would either 
accentuate the color you are wearing as with
the stacking bangles that incorporate the same
colors or just go simple.
Spring 2013- Diane Von Furstenberg
Stacking bangle set
Elsa pendant
Luisa ring
Viviana earrings


As these are 2 colors I live in, I had to include them.
Both Carolina Herrara (middle image) and Chanel
focused on these colors.
The great thing with these colors is you can
really amp up and go bold, and add just enough
color to add "pop" to your outfit.

Spring 2013- Carolina Herrera/Chanel
Stella earrings
Natalia rings
Lydia ring
Lace pendant


Stripes were also featured for this Spring both Marc Jacobs (images on 
the left and right) and Chanel (middle image) went for stripes.

I do love stripes in the Spring and Summer
but am maybe overly conscious about wearing
them. I think they have to be just right without making
me look like I am a pedestrian crossing ;-)
If you are going for stripes keep your bling plain,
bold (if you wish) but simple. You don't want too 
much going on with the stripes.
Spring 2013- Marc Jacobs/ Chanel
Stacking bangles
Lina earrings
Elisa ring
Mia ring

So there you go Lovelies, my picks. 
I am by no means an expert, just selected
what I like ;-)

Which theme are you aiming for this Spring?
Whose designs really took your breath away?
(either from above or other).

Would love to hear you thoughts about 
what you are coveting for Spring/Summer.

p.s a special thank to you Ivana who helped me with my collages ;-)