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Spring Blog Giveaway!!!

OK my friends, I'm not sure if it is the Easter spirit that has prompted this Giveaway or Spring Madness (I'm sure if you talk to my hubby he will say the latter as many strange things have been happening lately!),but I am in the mood for a Giveaway.

OK, up for grabs are these GORGEOUS Swarovski crystal earrings. They are in a beautiful light blue (which would be perfect for Spring and Summer) and have silver fastenings. They are approximately 18mm in size and for pierced ears only.

So the rules for the Giveaway are as follows:
i) Become a blog follower and leave a comment
ii) Go to our website here and subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of the Homepage. Don't worry we don't send out newsletters too frequently, so your Inbox won't be bombarded; and remember to leave a comment here.
iii) Follow us on Twitter (and comment back here).
That's it friends!
Every comment will be counted. If you are a follower, but you haven't commented, your name will NOT be included in the draw. So don't forget to comment.

Giveaway ends on Sunday 8 May..
Good luck my friends, and may the best girl win!!