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So pleased to announce that.......................

.............the wonderful (Tiffany) Taylor Kenney has joined our boutique.
For most of my American friends,family and customers, you will probably already be aware of her gorgeous designs. But for all my European friends, family and customers she will certainly be a new designer for you/us.

Apart from her designs conjuring up everything that epitomises Mediterranean summers (see her pieces below), what really struck me was what a lovely person she really is.
Trust me, I have dealt with my share of designers who are real brats; the type that believe you owe "them" a living, despite all the free PR and marketing they get from being on our site (sorry, rant over!). Tiffany on the other hand was SO gracious,accommodating and down-to-earth that we really want to pull out all the stops for her.(We have also been approached by Marie Claire (UK) and Good Housekeeping magazines to feature in their mags this summer, and we hope this will give a real boost to her profile in Europe when we are featured).

Just take a look at these gorgeous designs:

>The Crete Necklace is a long statement piece, composed of a vibrant turquoise drop framed by a hand crocheted gold border. The pendant measures 1.5 inches in length and drops from 30 inches of gold filled chain - €88.00

The Vanessa Necklace drops a colorful cascade of brilliant gemstones, including amethyst, garnet, blue topaz and smoky quartz, from a delicate gold chain. This necklace measures seventeen inches long, with the gemstone drop creating an additional two and a half inches of length. 14 karat gold fil -€148.00

(I am definitely buying one of these for summer as it is my namesake!)

The Noelle Necklace is composed of a delicate strand of grey freshwater pearls leading to a stunning sky blue amazonite drop framed in crochet. The drop measures one inch in length. A very unique and lovely piece! Eighteen inches long, 14 karat gold fill - €88.00

The Lily Earrings are glowing baby blue aquamarine drops encased in a frame of handwoven crochet. Such beauties! Just over one inch long. Gold filled earwires - €85.00

The Branch Earrings are meandering gold vermeil branches which have been adorned with tiny blue-green sapphire drops. Finished with gold filled earwires, these earrings measure two inches in length - €85.00

The Celeste Earrings are luminous gold circles lined with teal apatite gemstones.. Suspended beneath these circles are cascades of peridot, apatite and fairly traded gold vermeil faux coral branches. Length is 2.75 inches. Gold filled earwires - €85.00

I personally have already ear-marked some pieces I want for the summer. I would love to hear your thoughts/views.

As a special promotion, we are offering all our blog/Twitter followers a 15% discount on any Taylor Kenney product from our site (there are many more products displayed there). This offer will end on Sunday 13 March 2011.