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So Overwhelmed

Oh my God!!! Where do I begin?

I can't tell you how overwhelmed and
astounded I was at the response I got to my 

It was a bit of a gamble deciding to shed
more layers and expose more of who I am.

It was a risk I wanted to take and had been pondering
for a long time, but knew it could also turn some 
followers off.

However, I was not only "floored" by the wonderful comments left 
here (this has been my post popular post to date),

but by all the e.mails that landed in my Inbox from
women I didn't know; women who follow my blog
but never like to publicly comment, women who are 
also estranged from family members  and wanted

women who just wanted to reach out, women who
just wanted to say how much they loved how honest and
transparent my words felt, women who were in pain, women
who were worried I was hurting (I assured them I wasn't ;-),

women who themselves were currently in pain
and wanted to share their stories..........

If I had known the response I would have done it
sooner ;-) 

But everything has it's time, and now felt right.

So to all the wonderful women and 
friends I have met through this humble
little collection of ramblings, 
this last image says how I feel
about you ALL:-)


p.s the subscription winner for Feb will be
announced at the end of next weeks blog
post ;-) There's still time to enter (see the
box in the right hand corner of the screen?
Just pop your details in there)