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I wanted to take this week to let all my lovely blog
friends know how much you all mean to me.

We may never have met (yet!), but I feel we have bonded
pre-judgements, assumptions + perceptions.

So this is for every single one of you.

"Dear Amazing Girl

You have done so many things 
that you have forgotten about that make you
spectacular, brave, selfless, kind, intelligent +

You have given so many things back to the world 
that you have forgotten about, 
that have made a difference to so many

I love these as much as I love all of you ;-)

that have changed lives + that no-one could have given
but YOU.

Try to remember right now all you have done,
all of the places you have been too

all the people you have influenced,
taught something to + all
the things you have learned along the way

You are absolutely phenomenal

both in your world +
in my world

Just remember, so many worlds would
not be the same without you

My go-to ring this summer

THANK YOU to each and every one of you
who join me on my blog of random 
ramblings; you've all shown me a new
kind of sisterhood I didn't know existed

Your messages last week re my friend
touched me to my core. How could so many
wonderful messages mean so much even 
though we have never met?

Thank you for each being YOU"

What is it about the "sisterhood" of blogging that
has surprised you?

I would love to hear your thoughts